I write sins not tragedies.

Father/son time •Puck•

After Melrose had left, Mark changed out of his pj’s and into whatever he could find before jogging down the stairs, he had to admit, Mark was glad to finally spend some time with his dad, after what happened last night, the Puckerman protege definitely needed something to drink and get his mind off of everything. Grabbing his helmet, “Ari! I’m going out! Lock the door if you leave!” He shouted as he exited the house and going over to his candy red Kawasaki motorcycle. “Hey there, beautiful.” He smirked as he hoped on and made his way over to the park. This very day, he was glad his mom never made him sell it for being to dangerous and what not.

Parking the bike, Mark stuffed his hands into his pants pockets as he made his way over to the spot near slide, god how he loved how people don’t even bother messing with these hidden from the public spots. Sitting down near a tree, Mark patiently waited for his dad as he looked at his surroundings.

  • 28 December 2011
  • 8